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our myspace site
Our myspace site, also a great place to contact us through. come leave us a comment!
Our Youtube channel
New videos, all the time! live and otherwise.
900 Pound Gorilla Merchandise Link
You can buy all sorts of 900 Pound gorilla merchandise on this site, everything from T shirts to stickers
Our itunes link
The price is a little lower on this site, as it's all digital files. We're glad to have an itunes connection!
Site of the Gorillamobile!????!!!!
Yes , it's a site devoted to the Gorillamobile, plus it has a bunch of our tunes on it not on our main myspace page.
Our Music Nation site
We have a couple videos and tunes posted here, we're just starting to grow this site.
Link to our latest YOUTUBE video
this is a link to our video for Big Fat Limo, cut together form 3 of our performances.
Music Video 2.0
We've entered a "contest" here for music video's . Hope to have more videos soon.
All access magazine
We played a toys for tots show for the magazine in December and we're up for two awards this year. Also , we've got a new banner ad up on the site. Cool People.
New Music Label
Just joined this one, they wrote to us to exchange links, here you go
Los Angeles Music Awards .net
Here's a little site for the Los Angeles Music Awards, with a you tube video of the Voting Party they had at The Palmer Room in Culver City.
Our new PUREVOLUME site
We're just statring this site today, Sept. 18, 2007. Let's see what happens, message us!
Our Music is here, website
More digital distrubition of the album, amazing what is out there, huh?
Our Audiolunchbox site
cool site for digital album distribution Leave us a review please!!!
Our Indie 911 page
This company sends me emails ------------------all the time. So I figured if you can't beat em, we'll you know the rest
Our site
Ring tones and full tracks for downloading!
sonic bids 900 Pound Gorilla Website
This is our epk at Sonicbids. It's growing as well and has some extra info and songs
Our number one music site
Just put up the mp3's on this one!
Next hit .com
Just found this site
Site of The Archetex of the New Skool
This site is for a band John was in with ex members of Phattica. We hope to do a couple of tracks this year
This is in Japanese, I'm not sure how this got over there , but heh Hello JAPAN!!!!
john's friend Tony Gaglio's bands website
I've been friends with Tony for about 15 years, we jam about once a year, check out his band, eh? , he rules
Our earbuzz site
our cd's are available at this new site
Rockwired website
This is where we'll be featured on June 23rd at 5:00 pm.
our page on "THE GIG" website
this is our artist page on the webiste of the venue we'll be playing in July, after the show, we'll have some video posted here, too
our buzzplay connect
We've been using this site to help get the word out. We think they're cool because they featured us as a "Cool new artist"
Our site at
What productions website
This is a new site dedicated to helping bands in the san fernando valley and surrounding areas. A sorely needed entity for sure. We've posted some stuff up there and will support them.
Neal cut and built the guitar John, the guitar player designed and has been a friend for a long time. He also is one of the great luthiers out there. Check out his site and history at BC Rich.
My friend Steve's website
Stevie takes some great pictures, check em out, eh?
BB Kings
This is the link to BB Kings Calender section , listing our upcoming show.
our tagworld site
We're giving this tagworld thing a try it's all a learning experience, huh!
Our Xyzmp3 site

Power 105.1 new artist info
A & R Select site
Talk 1200 Boston Radio